James Richmond's
California Story

Hens and Chickens

(A page here is lost)

March 9?, 1860 I visited the chicken coop today much to my sorrow, sat down by it and dropped to sleep. I woke to find myself covered in hen lice. I happened to have a small bottle of spirits of camphor in my trunk which soon drove them away. Abe says they have a larger kind in steerage but these are enough for me. How small an insect can prove a torment a man. My bunk is in steerage of course but I still take my meals on second cabin. We have beautiful nights and often take our blankets out on deck to sleep. At four in the morning the boat hands are around to scrub the decks. At that time I take up my blankets and walk up to second cabin and take a nap on the sofa. I have lots of fun beating them at their own game. Had they given us what they agreed to I wouldn't have tried to do it.