James Richmond's
California Story

Epilog: A Note from Ruth Lamione Richmond

Well there it is, Grandpa Richmondís adventures in California as written by his wife, Sarah Chadwick Richmond. How much is true, how much is overdrawn I will have to leave for you to guess. However as to the bravery of my Grandfather I have heard several good reasons to believe that Grandmother was not too generous.

The boys who are spoken of in the story are George and Edward Richmond and they also had an older sister Frances.

George and Edward married sisters Ina and Eva Adams. Frances married Charles Phillips. George and Ina had two children James and Ruth. Edward and Eva had four children Alvin, who died at birth, Edna, Esther and LEonard. Frances and Charles Phillips had two children Curtis and Alice.

It has been a long task to write this but now at last it is finished. And after all it was worth while.

Ruth Richmond