James Richmond's
California Story

Eating Well

March 6, 1860 "I find Kate too sick to leave her room. She declares she would not if she could. She is to have her meals brought to her and I shall go to the table on her ticket. I walked up to the table with the rest with no fault found. I guess my footing is established. I ordered a good dinner for Kate, which was sent up to her. Called on her and found her nibbling at the food with not much appetite. We both wished Abe had what was I left. I felt at table that I would have been so glad to have taken half my meal to Abe. Kate looked over the tray well loaded with clean victuals "Here Jim put this in your pocket and this and this. Present it to Abe with my compliments. There is no harm in my seeing that this company fulfills their agreement. And gives you boys good wholesome food. You order up good full meals for me every time, they donít begin to know what a prodigious appetite I have." So I have had a good square meal myself, Kate the same and a fair lunch for Abe.