James Richmond's
California Story

Mining at Kanakak Creek Part 2

Would I try old Kanakak again? Yes, I went from above where I found the pocket with not much gold. I was plodding along about noon, the third day, climbing along about one hundred feet above the level of the creek. A few bushes above me had fastened their roots in a crevice of rock Nearby was a small stream trickling down from a spring to join the creek below.

I sat down to eat my lunch and looked over my gold dust. I had a few dollars worth, rather discouraging considering the distance I had traveled, but the gold digger must be indefatigable. They cannot tell what the next hour may bring forth as I well knew from my own experience. So I started along again, sometimes crawling out on a narrow ledge many feet to be headed off by a huge boulder and have to back up to get on my old track and no gold in sight.

I finally came to what looked like a crevice. A small rock overhanging a large one. I hit the small one a rap with my hammer, down it came and to my astonishment it revealed a small opening, almost a cave and where the rock broke off was what looked to be a solid vein. I was very much excited by this new find. However it was too late to do anything about it then, I made preparations for blasting in the morning and then sought a lace where I could eat my supper, rolled up in my blankets and dreamed of caves lined with gold. Alas! how full of disappointments is the life of a miner. The vein had a fair outside but it had no depth. Just a thin skin of gold backed by cold, gray stone, not another trace of gold. My fortune! Well, no use whining about it. It wasn’t in that hole in the rock.