James Richmond's
California Story

Home Delivery

August 1, 1860 Done working in hay. Am now delivering milk in San Francisco. All kinds of customers. For some milk is too rich, some not rich enough. One lass complained of a yellow scum on the milk. I remedied that by fixing one can with just half and half. Even that did not satisfy them so I put in four quarts of water and one quart of milk. They thought that was good. Nothing like trying to please people.

August 4, 1860 No thunder and lightning in California. No rain except in the fall, but for all that everything grows luxuriously. I have been quite interested of late in caring for a family of ducks. We have thirty-six ducks and every morning I went out and brought in thirty-six eggs. This morning there was only one duck left.

As I was making my trip with the milk I heard the quack quack of a pen of ducks on the ferry. I thought I would look them over as I had a private mark on my ducks. I recognized them. They were being shipped by a Spaniard. He was going to contest my claim but my mark proved my right. I told him to scrape off the mud on the right foot and if he did not find an eyelet there I would not claim the ducks. So I took my ducks back with me. Mr. Spaniard loudly protesting his innocence saying he could prove he had bought them of a Chinaman. So I took his word for it and did not arrest him.