James Richmond's
California Story

Little Bits of Home

March 21, 1860 One day in San Francisco found a few old acquaintances and called on them. Kate went this morning to surprise her cousin. There seem to be all kinds and colors here. All nations are represented in the quest of gold. I shall strike out for Sacramento tomorrow. It costs too much to live here, to live in idleness long. Think I go up the valley from Sacramento and find friend George and see how he is prospering. I hear he is on a hog ranch.

March 22, 1860 Today I made Sacramento, called on Mrs. S., one of our old home friends. Had a good visit talking over home and home people. As she is keeping boarders, Abe and I will stop with her awhile. It seems quite home like. So we will see what this town is like. But I have not much idea of staying in town, but think I shall seek employment on a ranch at present.

March 27, 1860 Bade adieu to Mrs. S. and started on our travels. She would accept no pay for our board while there. I will not sponge my board from her she works too hard. She agreed hereafter to accept if we should visit her. I would not like to go elsewhere for it seems more home like. Went to call on Kate while in Sacramento. She found her quite rested from her trip and in good spirits as usual. She is also thinking of looking up some employment. She wants her trip to pay in cash as well as pleasure.

March 29, 1860 Today reached friend George’s ranch and took him by surprise. We will stay with him for a few weeks, helping enough to pay our board. He will help us look around for a job.